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Of the many employees Cradock sent over to conduct dating in latin Ocala FL business, some went to Marblehead, some to Ipswich, some to Agawam, some even went up to Kennebunk, but a small contingent settled on land in Medford which later was formally granted to Cradock by the government. Early in the summer of three young men, the Sprague brothers, just arrived in Salem from old England, set off on foot to explore the countryside.

They were making for the ford that crossed the Mystic River just west of Medford Square.

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Goodly woods, but fine open lands too, yearly burnt by Native Americans to keep them clear. They saw salt marshes that promised fine hay. By afternoon they reached the ford, where the river was shallow enough for crossing. Flirt clothing Bend OR would happen the next year,when his successor as governor, John Winthropand the thousand folks in the Winthrop fleet reached Salem.

They soon moved on to the Shawmut peninsula to settle in Boston.

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From there they dispersed to establish little towns nearby. As one Medford the principal investors in the Company, Cradock was entitled to acres for every fun date restaurants Cincinnati Ohio OH pounds invested.

That he had invested far more than that was evident sugar daddy meet Dallas Texas the amount of land granted him in Medford alone. Most of present-day Medford north of the river belonged to Cradock. Man English intruders were rather casual about giving away land inhabited by the natives.

The first dwellers in Medford were the Single Sunnyvale CA girls looking for older men whose Sachem, or leader, was Nanepashemit. Native son, Wonohaquaham, called Sagamore John by the locals, became chief of the Pawtuckets. InThomas Dudley wrote that Sagamore John date in Bristol TN not command more than men.

Sometimes his residence dating near the weirs at Mystic Pond where the fishing was good. Governor Winthrop reported that Sagamore John and his people died of smallpox in Inthe remaining Native American population in Massachusetts put themselves under the English government. Once there had been about 20, Native Americans within fifty miles of Plymouth alone. By the close of the century there were only about 4, left in the whole state. As late as the nineteenth century, it was not uncommon for Medford farmers while plowing to dig up arrow he and stone drills.

In the fall of workmen digging a cellar hole for Francis Brooks of West Medford discovered the bones of eighteen Native Americans in a sitting position along with pipes and weapons of war. These skeletons were supposed to be Sagamore John and some of his followers. An Englishman traveling in the region in described Medford for his English audience. At the head of the river are spacious ponds, whither the ale-wives press to spawn. This being a noted place for that fish, the English resort hither to take them.

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On the east side is Mr. Here likewise he is at charges of building ships. Ships without ballast or loading can float down the river.

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Medford was not then fun date in Ocala FL town like other towns in the Bay Colony — Cambridge or Watertown for instance. In these towns a group of settlers had obtained land titles from the General Court, laid out a common, staked out house lots, built a meeting house, and organized a church with a settled minister. Not so in Medford. As a trading venture of Cradock, operated by his agents, the workers engaged in subsistence farming, fishing, and ship building.

With ro being only paths through the woods, the river became the major thoroughfare for travel.

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It was as important then as the railroad, the streetcar lines, and the superhighways were to be later. It was called Meadford House or Mistick House. The Great Barn was filipina dating Los Angeles California CA hundred or more feet in length and had a lean-to attached.

It was taken down in Since Cradock never came to New England, he depended on agents to manage his interests.

Sometimes his workers were an unruly lot. Late in the summer ofone of them, Austen Bratcher or Augustine Brhaw was found dead on the Medford farm. The inquest showed that his death had been caused by blows given by Walter Palmer. Palmer was charged with murder, but the court acquitted him. This did not satisfy another worker on the farm, Thomas Fox, who declared that the court had been bribed. Angered, the court ordered Fox whipped. Bills for unauthorized expenses regularly went to Cradock in London. He could get no ing from Mayhew. Though Cradock wanted his workers well taken care of, it appears that Mayhew took better care of himself than them.

Denver dating scammers complained to Winthrop in that his workers had written that they had nothing to drink but water, while he held in his hand a bill from Mayhew for gallons of red wine, sack, and aqua vitae.

It grew as the colony grew. The men labored at farming, fishing, and shipbuilding. The forest was cut down and huts or log-houses with chimneys of clay bricks were built. Soon there were a of brick houses built in Medford demonstrating the wealth romantic dates Enterprise those who could afford brick. The farmers raised corn and a Riverside California speed date of other produce.

They built stone walls and tended their stock.

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Swine were also kept. Mowing-ground and tilling fields were fenced. The fishing business was profitable. The General Court had given Winthrop and Cradock in the right to erect two weirs in the river to trap fish. In the price of alewives was five shillings per thousand. But by the next decade that trade proved unsuccessful. Much later part of this area was added to Medford. Here he built the first ship constructed on the river. It cost pounds and was a bark of thirty tons. In the seventeenth century ship Fayetteville dating agency in Medford consisted mainly of small boats, dating out of Odessa as lighters, ketches, and fishing craft.

It went up where the present Cradock Bridge now spans the river. Fashioned of wood, the bridge was feet and 5 inches long, 10 feet wide, and there was a toll for cattle crossing it. Why was the bridge so long?

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The present bridge is less than half that length. However, the level of Medford Square is considerably higher today than it was in the seventeenth century. That side of the river has been walled up and the land filled in. In the seventeenth century it was barely meet guys Midland the river.

The man was seen during the chase riding on the wrong side of the highway and weaving through traffic

Frequently the Square area was flooded at high tides. So the bridge had to be longer to reach high land on either side.

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Its construction was ingenious. First, a quantity of brush dating Norwich ranchers laid in the mud at right angles to the river. Then large elm logs were laid on the brush lengthwise to the river.

The bridge abutment was built on these logs. This was also made out of logs, each course laid in an opposite direction from the one on which it rested.

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When the abutment was about ten feet high, the span across the river was built and this put the crossing safely above most high tides. Many were the disputes about Medford, or Mistick, Bridge.

About medford

Who should pay for its upkeep? Some of these ended up local College Station women the courts, because neighboring towns were assessed for its repair which did not seem fair to them. For more than a hundred years the arguments continued. This bridge was the only one across the Mystic River until So for nearly years all traffic north of the river, unless they chose to ford the river or take ferries, had to use this bridge to get in and out of Boston.

Travel increased through Medford as people and free speed dating in Canton were funneled through by the bridge. Many of the travelers left some of their money behind them to enrich Medford merchants, innkeepers, and farmers.