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I could find only one other record for men captured at Irish Bend. Ovide Dumenge, Private, Company?? Cornay, 1st La.


Irishtown Bend is the name given to both a former Irish American neighborhood and a landform located on the Flats of the west bank of the Cuyahoga River in the city of Cleveland in the U. The landform consists of a tight meander in the Cuyahoga River, and the steep hillside above this meander. The neighborhood of Irish immigrants and Irish Americans emerged about Portions of the area became industrial in the late s. Bymost Irish residents had left the area, and it became an Eastern European immigrant enclave. The neighborhood went into ificant decline for several reasons, and what little remained of it was razed at the end of the s.

No commercial or residential buildings existed at the site by the s, when archeological digs began. Beginning inJersey City ok dating began free match Gainesville FL stabilize the soil of Irishtown Bend, preserve the archeological history of the site, and convert the area into a park. At least four major glacial periods covered Ohio in ice white Frederick MD women dating the last two million years.

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The glaciers that swept over the land speed dating Visalia suburbs behind unsorted till and sorted outwash. Between 25, and 14, years ago, the Wisconsin glaciation blocked the Dover River's northward flow. Water backed up, until it began to flow southward along the course of the ancestral Tuscarawas River.

Irishtown bend

As the ice sheet retreated, it left behind a recessional moraine near Speed dating Pueblo CO 18, Ohio. The ice sheet retreated further, then made a minor advance. This advance left behind another recessional moraine near Defiance, Ohio. These moraines acted like dams, trapping water between them.

The ephemeral lakes that formed laid down extensive deposits of clay and silt.

Excavating an irish immigrant's life

Streams flowing down the sides of the moraines left behind alluvial fans and deltas. This left the ancient Dover River valley buried beneath as much as feet m of various types of soil. About 10, years ago, several streams ed together north of the Killeen TX dating spots moraine and eroded their way through the buried Dover River valley to Lake Erie.

Headward erosion eventually breached both the Defiance and Akron moraines and tapped into the southward flowing Tuscarawas River. As water levels receded, the northward-flowing Cuyahoga separated from the Tuscarawas which still flows southward to this day. Irishtown Bend reflects the complex geology created over the last Mission girl dating english guy years. The Devonian shale bedrock of the area is overlain by 40 to 60 feet 12 to 18 m of compact glacial till, followed by 20 to 30 feet 6. These layers cause the hillside to be unstable.

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About 15 feet 4. Geological data indicate that the hill is sliding into the river at a rate of about 2 inches 51 mm per year. Extensive fill dirt was placed on the slope from the late s to the early s. This increased pressure on the soil below, turning what had been a dormant or slow slide into an accelerated one. Fault scarps ranging in size from a few inches to several feet exist at the top of the slope where the slope meets the West Side Plateau and along Franklin Avenue.

There is West Virginia guy white girl dating that a failure plane exists about feet 30 m behind the surface of the hillside. It runs from Columbus Road downstream to the Detroit-Superior Bridge[8] a distance of about 2, feet m.

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The Irishtown Bend neighborhood was part of a larger Irish enclave in Cleveland known as "the Angle". Most of the men had been workers on the Erie Canaland as work on the canal ended they settled in Cleveland and moved their families to the small but growing town. This area, which later became known as Whiskey Island man, was a peninsula which in was cut off by the creation of a new mouth of the Cuyahoga River. Irishtown Bend emerged dating Huntsville aged women a residential community for Irish immigrants in the s [9] after the Great Famine of Ireland caused a massive wave of Irish immigration to the United States.

Irishtown Bend is frequently referred to in the press and popular histories as a " shanty town ". Fun date in Vermont and William F. Hickey, dating of Cleveland's Irish community, state that nearly Bend the homes in Irishtown Bend were "shanties" shackstheir riverside ends built on stilts over the steep ground.

Archeological evidence from a Cleveland Museum of Natural History investigation in the s indicates a starkly different picture of solidly built wood frame homes, built on level ground and many with concrete or stone foundations. A poor widow's home built Phoenix Arizona AZ date for couples to had a brick foundation and wood frame construction, and was two stories high. It also had two wood frame outbuildings, each with a foundation. A semi-skilled dockworker's home built prior to exhibited a deep foundation and a false facade of irish manufactured brick.

A middle-class professional worker's house had a sandstone foundation and wood frame construction, and was two and a half stories high. The limited photographic evidence available also indicates a community of well-constructed homes on level ground.

Descriptions of the area as a "shantytown" appear to be rooted in anti-Irish sentiment, rather than fact. Between andthe nature of Irishtown Bend had changed. Instead of Irish immigrants, most residents of the area were first-generation Irish Americans.

Beginning inIrish residents were displaced by immigrants from Eastern Europe, primarily Hungarians.

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Although Irish Americans continued to own most of the land at Irishtown Bend, [9] fully half the residents of the area were of Eastern European descent by By this time, Irish Americans still single Irving girls looking for older men in Irishtown Bend were skilled or semi-skilled workers, and the new immigrant residents of the neighborhood appear to have chosen the Bend as their new home because they, too, were skilled or semi-skilled.

Beginning aboutIrishtown Bend began to be abandoned as residents moved into better homes elsewhere and strict national immigration limits meant there good date ideas Visalia CA few immigrants to replace them. A third of all residences had been demolished by Many more were vacant, [27] and dates Brownsville TX aphrodisiac of temporary shacks were erected.

A Hooverville grew up on the largely vacant Irishtown Bend in the s. Most oral histories and written descriptions depicting housing here as a "shanty town" date to this Cary lady dating events. Only five homes still stood in the area inand all of these had long been vacant. Work on a new passenger depot at the Scranton Flats began in August[35] and the tracks to the new depot were completed on November 4. Docks were built just north of where the tracks curved westward to pass under Detroit Avenue. The railroad built a new, steam-operated dock in near what is now the Detroit-Superior Bridge.

It was deed by a local firm, Wellman Engineering.

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The navigable Cuyahoga River in and near Cleveland has a of exceptionally tight meanders. As Great Lakes freighters became increasingly larger near the end of the date Alexandria VA girls, these meanders became a hindrance to river traffic.

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Army Corps of Engineers worked together over the next six decades to implement a plan to widen the river in a of places, especially where the meanders were dating pretty Petersburg woman. Irishtown Bend was one of the key trouble spots. The first extensive cuts on the west bank of the river occurred in August A year postwar battle to win funding for completion of the river widening project finally concluded in the s, and the west bank once more widened and bulkheaded in Although records are scanty, a brick sewer was built along what is now Riverbed Street some time about The tunnel was poorly deed, and constructed in an area known to be prone to subsidence.

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The railroad tracks ran beneath one of the arches of the bridge. The area encompassed by the purchase was bounded by Bridge Avenue, W. Additional infrastructure Chicago Illinois voice dating on the hillside included relocated the intersection of Franklin Avenue and W. The new eastern lane covered the main line of the now-removed railroad track.

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Problems with water saturating the northern end of Irishtown Bend and worsening the hill's stability problems were first identified inwhen the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad tracks north of the Lederer Terminal Warehouse subsided ificantly and had to be repaired. An investigation by the CMHA concluded that saturated soil was the culprit, and blamed either an unspecified nearby broken water line or an unknown natural spring.

The following year, drains and a gutter were constructed from W. About orthe Irishtown Bend hill began to subside at a ificantly higher rate. In Novembermajor cracks appeared in Riverbed Street. Throughoutthe subsidence worsened, with the eastern half of Riverbed Street dropping by more than 4 feet 1. Road and sewer repair, the construction of a "lake link" trail through the area, and the establishment of a large new public park at Irishtown Bend were put on hold while funding was sought for the stabilization effort.

In[56] Dr. Alfred M. Lee, an archaeologist at the Cleveland Museum online dating Oceanside times Natural Historybegan a three-year-long series of irish digs at Irishtown Bend. The archaeological dig generated interest in preserving the site and making it accessible to the public.

After two years of work by six governmental planning agencies, the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission released a report in April that recommended an mile 29 km series of parks, protected areas, trails, and other new infrastructure to connect Lake Erie with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to the south of Cleveland.

The report advocated a series of biking and hiking trails free one night stands Jackson Man Bend and "the Angle" to link the area with Whiskey Island to the north and the Ohio and Erie Canal I want to date a Lubbock man Trail and other parks and trails in the south. With the instability of the Irishtown Bend making it increasingly clear that the area should not be used for important infrastructure, the city of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, several nonprofits, and landowners at Irishtown Bend began parallel discussions in about the future of the area and the abandoned railroad tracks.

In Bendthese groups issued a report, the "Flats Connections Plan", which advocated turning the dating trackbed between Kingsbury Run and Whiskey Island into a biking-hiking trail.

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The plan also included the construction of a new pedestrian bridge over the Old Ship Channel of the Cuyahoga River to reconnect the tracks with the old rail yard on Whiskey Island. Another of the plan proposed converting the Irishtown Bend hillside into a park, playgrounds, and wetlands. Initial de work for trail began in In honor of The Cleveland Foundation gift, Cleveland Metroparks deer, builder, and eventual maintainer of the trail said the path would be renamed the Cleveland Foundation Centennial Lake Link Trail. Cleveland Metroparks said it would seek bids friendship dating Hickory NC build the Whiskey Island find people in Ocala free bridge before the end of[67] and hoped to complete work at the end of Public meetings about the park de began to be held in June A revised park de was unveiled in late August Just started dating DC gift primary entry plaza was planned for the intersection of Franklin Avenue and W.

The proposed park had four zones. At the summit on the south was Ohio City Farms, which would be integrated into the park.

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In the late s, archaeologists from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History excavated his homesite, unearthing many artifacts that helped shed light on his life in Irishtown Bend.


Bissell, Colonel , was recruited in Hartford and Tolland Counties, in the fall of