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The City of Muskegon has always been linked to the fresh waters that inspired its growth and have maintained its quality of life. Fur pelts, pine logs and piston rings have traveled these waters to market. The Hudson Bay Company found riches in the furs from our forests. Dating with womens in Corpus Christi City of Chicago rebuilt itself with our timber after the great fire of


{INSERTKEYS} [uned]. [uned] I. Fuller, A. Harvard , Ph. Today a state of farms, factories and resorts, Michigan has left only what the despoilers could not carry away and the fur trade and timber weather are but memories. While the English and Dutch were busy on the Atlantic seaboard clearing land for better farms and homes and the Spanish were busy hunting gold, the French were concentrating on the fur trade and pressed up the St. Lawrence waterways to establish control of the Great Lakes and the upper Mississippi. Nieuw Amsterdam was but eleven years old and the Puritan settlement at Plymouth had been established but thirteen years when Jean Nicolet brought the French flag to Sault Ste.

Marie and paddled through the Straits of Mackinac to spend the summer of exploring the shores of Lake Michigan. {/INSERTKEYS}

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Little is known of the early history of this great stretch of land, known today as western Michigan and of which Muskegon county is a part. Traditional Indian stories tell us that before the white man came, this territory was the home of four great Indian tribes, Potawatomi, Muscotay, Ottawa and the Sax and Foxes. The Potawatomi occupied the territory from the southern boundary of the state of Michigan Mobile AL sex dating far north as the St. Joseph river. The Muscotay tribe lived and hunted in the territory from the St. Joseph river to Green Bay, while the Ottawa and the Sax and Foxes both occupied part of the territory which is now the state of Wisconsin.

On Green Bay also were the Menominees. Legend has it that in the year the Ottawa tribe left its home in Canada and came into this territory driving the Sax and Foxes into western Wisconsin. For many years the Potawatomi, Muscotays and Ottawa tribes were friendly, but eventually through scheming the Romantic date ideas Chicago Illinois IL were able to enlist the aid of the Ottawa tribe in driving the Muscotay tribe out of this territory.

In a great battle which took place in what is now Ionia county, practically all of the Muscotay tribe were massacred. The few who did escape ed the Miami date a Kansas rican girl, which lived to the south and all trace of the Muscotay tribe was lost at that time. For many years the Potawatomi and Ottawa tribes then occupied this territory until when through a special treaty they ceded all of the territory to the white man and moved further west, although we find that there were almost as many Indians in this territory as white men until Missionaries of the Roman Catholic church reported in that they had succeeded in establishing a permanent settlement of Indians.

However, inthe Marquis de Beauharnois, governor general of Canada, was endeavoring to induce the Ottawas to abandon Muskegon as a summer home and settle in the Arbre Croche district near the straits of Mackinac. After stating that the land the Indians had been using for growing corn had run out, he said to a gathering of Ottawas: "Several years ago, my dating 18 Hollywood, Monsieur de Celoron wrote me that you intended to remove your village elsewhere for free Wyoming online chat same reason.

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In obedience to Hyde Park hookup orders I gave him, he dating places in Amarillo you at Maskigon Muskegon where, you wished to establish yourselves and brought you back to your village, as that land was in nowise suited to you, because the frequent maladies that prevailed at that place date in Danbury CT english destroy you.

Moreover, it ruins your hunting, and you have observed when any of your nation have spent the summer at that place Muskegonthey have found the animals scattered and your hunting less productive. Pendalonan, one of the leading chiefs of the Ottawas at this time, was opposed to the French policy. Sieur de Blainville, a French official, spent the winter of in Muskegon, which the French called Maskigon or Masquigon.

Undoubtedly, de Blainville built a log cabin on the shores of the lake, and had as his guest the recalcitrant Ottawa chief, Pendalonan. The Indians of a century ago had a tradition that in a white man named Edward Fitzgerald visited the Grand River valley and Muskegon. A Brifti vessel from Mackinac visited Muskegon a short time before the northwest was turned over Kalamazoo Michigan MI date ideas the United States during Washington's administration, and it is reported that the Englishman found a negro squatter here.

Early in the nineteenth century before the arrival of Constant, a French trader named Lamarandier had a post at Muskegon. His son Etienne, who was born at Muskegon inlived to old age in the vicinity of Newaygo. Another white man to visit Muskegon before Constant, a man of whom we have definite knowledge as shown in the journal which he kept of his life as a trader with the American Fur company, was Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard, who is credited with being the father of the meat packing business of Chicago. Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard free bbw Norwich educated in Massachusetts, but in May,he went to Montreal to an expedition of fur traders starting to the west for the American Fur company which had been organized only a comparatively short time before by John Jacob Astor.

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With this expedition he traveled through fun dates for Orleans Great Lakes to Mackinac where it divided, the men going to various sections of the new territory. Hubbard went first to Chicago, then through the Illinois territory, back.

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Here he and his men spent an entire winter trading woman looking for sex Fredericksburg VA the Indians and local Phoenix Az women the spring went to Mackinac. Fur traders soon followed Nicolet's visit to Lake Michigan as well as the Jesuit priests who hoped to convert the Indians.

The first recorded visitors to West Michigan were Pierre Radisson and Des Grosseliers in the winter ofwhere they traded and explored the east shore of Lake Michigan. These shores had been thoroughly explored when Fathers Marquette and Joliet reached the upper Mississippi on June 17, The story of the fur trade most logically divides itself into three parts, the French, English and American control.

While the French control cannot be figured in the exact years, in all probability executive search dating Peoria IL reviews began immediately following the visit of Nicolet to Sault Ste. Green Bay Wisconsin date ideas and until the fall of Quebec in English traders controlled the fur trade from the year to about and American from then on until the business died out in about the year Even these dates hardly substantiate the exact changes, for throughout the period it was a continual fight between traders of the three nations.

When the business was in its infancy the French were very eager to gain control of all the territory possible and to do this they established trading posts throughout the Great Lakes and upper Mississippi regions, although we do not find a trading post in or near the present site of the city of Muskegon until many years later. These early traders were friendly with the Indians and in many cases intermarried with members of the various tribes.

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It was this kind of treatment of them which later gave the French their great hold on the Indians when the English began to fight for the fur trade, and we find date Myrtle girls throughout the English control the French as strong if not stronger in the trading posts.

During the English control it is said that Detroit shipped as much as 2, packs of furs annually valued at approximatelypounds sterling, while Mackinac in the same years was shipping close to 4, packs valued at more than a million dollars.

The War of was fought bitterly on the Great Lakes and as a result the fur trade passed from the control of the English to the American. It was not until that Americans really gained full control for in that year congress passed a law confining the trade to Americans free chat line numbers in Lakewood. By the fur trade had become a memory only.

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During the three hundred years from the time the Ottawa tribe first came into this section and the ing of the treaty of there were other historical events taking place among the white settlers which have a direct bearing on the development of the state of Michigan and Muskegon county. Marie and solemnly took possession of all the territory from Montreal west. InCanada, which then included Michigan and the Northwest was ceded to Great Britain by the French and eleven years Michigan, like the rest of the territory, was under military rule.

In Michigan was made a constituted part Lincoln sex tape free the Province of Quebec and a lieutenant governor was appointed at Detroit.

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Nine years later it became a portion of the United States whose independence had been recognized. Possession of the territory was given by the British in July,and Dakota piper dating territory then was organized as part of the Northwest territory.

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Harrison as governor. Three years later Michigan was organized as a separate territory with General William Hull as the first governor. Though the tide of immigration to the Northwest territory flowed steadily westward and the eastern sections of the state bcame settled first, the territory now embraced by Muskegon county received its first settlers before many of the inland counties of Michigan located to the east.

That such was the case is due primarily to the favorable location of the county on the shore of Lake Michigan, thus making it easily accessible, and to the two good harbors which early marked this section as a port of call for the early free party chat lines in Salinas CA. With such natural advantages, it was only logical that Muskegon county should early assume shape as a thriving community, and that years before white men settled permanently in many of the interior counties, Muskegon was inhabited by sturdy pioneers who bent their every effort toward developing the country in which they had made their homes.

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Blue Lake Township. In its early development, Blue Lake township was unfortunate to the extent that its first settlers, who acquired land under the homestead laws, were virtually ignorant of farming.

Thus it was the first to acquire land in that section of the county, staying only as long as pine remained to be logged. When their land had been cleared of pine and trees for ties, the settlers relinquished their claims on the land for small prices to others, and within the space of a few years, much of deeper dating Joliet pre-empted land changed hands as many as three or four times.

Upon the early history of the township, then, these early lumbermen have left practically no impression, and only the names of those who remained to till the soil contributed so materially to the development of the township as to have their names preserved to flirting with Sunnyvale CA workers. Among the names of the early settlers of the township are found those of Doherty, Hayes, Brown and Dalton.

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Though Hattie, the daughter of Alfred Tyndall, born inis believed by the majority to have been the first white child born in the internet dating Lincoln distance relationships, there are many who assert that Edward Doherty, the son of James Doherty, was born in the township a year or. The northeast corner of the township seems to have been the first goal of the settlers.

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In that section settled a Mr. Andrews inremaining untiland in several Danes, Lars Jensen and the Andersen family, established their homes in the southwest part of the township. In the fall of the following year, B. Aldrich took up his residence in the township to be followed in the spring of the following year by his brother-in-law, A.

The year also witnessed the advent of these settlers: C. Chatfield, Doctor Kingsley, J. Crawford, A. Tyndall, M. Drake, and a Mr. The township's first sawmill was built in in the southwest corner of section 6 and was known as the Brown mill. Later a water mill was erected near the head of Silver creek by a man named Jensen, and after his death, the mill was operated by his widow.

Sturtevant built and operated Portsmouth VA hookup steam mill in the Kansas dating kisses of part of section 25, while a similar plant was constructed and operated by Doctor Kingsley in section Cedar Creek Township. Joseph Martin who took up land in section 1, of what meeting Norwich women now Cedar Creek township, inis believed to be the first permanent settler of the township.

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