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We are a convenient stop along Interstate 15, off Baseline Avenue. Our outstanding educational programs help children at a variety of developmental stages reach their potential and sets urban speed dating Lakewood on a path for continued learning and growth.


This paper focuses on one of the most ificant challenges in distance learning, the student-to-student interaction issue, by studying the interaction experiences of a group of students who have had a distance education experience. It addresses questions such as the current status of student interactions, the students' perceptions of such interactions, and the pattern emerged Canton date of birth such interaction behaviors.

Using a phenomenological method, this study found out that the student interaction phenomenon in distance education was intertwined with many factors and themes. In order to foster an interactive learning community and encourage student interactions, all of the administrators, faculty, and staff in a distance education program need to dating Miami Florida a teacher with each other at an institutional level. Do students in distance education courses need interactions with their classmates?

Why would they know more than me? Yeah, exactly, why do I think they study more than I do? So if I have questions, I would go straight to the professor. What are the factors that make some students think interactions are necessary and important while others feel that they do not need them?

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Do these factors work differently under different situations such as different types of courses or with different learning styles? Many unanswered questions Asheville free chat room distance education programs such as these are begging to be discussed as the growth rate for online enrollment in higher education far exceeds the growth rate for the entire higher education student population.

But, because of the relatively infrequent face-to-face interaction between an instructor and the students, distance education has brought many new challenges to the teaching and learning process. This paper focuses on one of the most ificant challenges in distance learning —interactions. Moore identifies four types of interactions in education: learner-content, learner-teacher, learner-learner, and learner-technology.

In this paper, the main focus is the learner-learner interaction because few studies have focused on this issue. For example, what kinds of interactions exist among students?

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How often do they contact each other? Are Rockford minute dating satisfied with the way they interact? What is the pattern emerging from their interaction behaviors? All of these questions have not been studied adequately in the current research. Therefore, the purpose of this phenomenological study is to address the above questions by studying the interaction experiences of a group of students who have taken a distance education course.

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Distance education is a newly developing area, which requires many more studies in order to keep abreast with this rapidly developing phenomenon. However, few studies have focused on the student interaction issues in distance education. Therefore, in studying the student interactions in distance girls for date in Gainesville, this paper investigates an important area related to the overall quality in the field because student interactions have long been known as an important factor affecting learning outcomes.

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Thus, studying students' interaction experiences in distance education courses will improve our understanding of distance education and also foresee student learning outcomes from the whole institutional perspective including girls seeking men in Ontario administrative and teaching levels. The general research question was "How do students perceive and describe their experience of interactions with other students in distance learning courses? As Moustakas points out the key words in a phenomenological study question should be defined, discussed and clarified in order to clarify the intent and purpose of the study.

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Therefore, it is necessary to explain the key words well free dating chat rooms Salinas conducting the study. In my question, "students" refers to the participants and they are students in a higher education institution. It implies that different people see the same phenomenon differently. What does the phenomenon mean for the participants? It focuses on the conscious reflections of the phenomenon.

Here, it refers to any contact between students.

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It can be ana phone-call, or a face-to-face meeting. Distance education is also called distance learning, e-learning or online learning. Unlike conventional classroom learning, it is not bounded by space and time. In fact, teachers woman looking for man in Miami Florida students are commonly separated by space and time, although they may choose to interact synchronously or meet periodically over the length of the course.

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Distance learning also needs to use technology. In the early days of distance education, radio and television were the media used to conduct educational activities. Currently, the methods have extended to the internet,software, video, tapes, cameras, etc. In comparison, instructors and students may choose to use technology in a conventional classroom dating european vs Fort Collins but is optional.

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Because of the alternative approaches of distance education, it has grown rapidly in the past five years. At the same time, lithuanian dating Killeen 1. In, andthe enrollment has jumped to 1. Besides fostering common educational practices in conventional classrooms, distance education is portrayed as possessing more potential and thus more promise in promoting student interactions and enhancing learning outcomes by utilizing advanced computer technology.

For example, Bruce et al.

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Learners can have greater control over information access, individualized pacing and timing and with more support in the inquiry process. However, because of the limited opportunities for face-to-face interactions between an instructor and their students, distance education has brought many new challenges to the teaching and online dating johnstown Joliet process. Wang and Newlin point out that little is known about the characteristics of students in distance education courses. As a result, effective curriculum de is hindered by the lack of understanding of the characteristics, attitudes, and needs of the students in these courses Smith, At the same time, the faculty needs to develop skills in helping students adjust to the unique features of distance education.

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However, the lack of adequate training may prevent them from fully participating in the distance education practices Galusha,especially considering that they have to spend twice as much cool dates in Norwich in preparing and delivering an online course as black professionals dating Fairfield to a traditional course Willis, With all of the challenges facing distance education, white girls looking for Asheville guys show that distance learning students desire content and motivational support beyond course materials and are limited in their success without it Williams, Researchers have long pointed out the importance of student interactions in the teaching and learning process.

Vygotsky states collaborative learning is necessary in building one's own cognitive process. Among group members, if they cannot share their knowledge effectively, it can lead to poor party line number free Austin Texas TX outcomes Soller, To test the difference of collaborative learning and individual learning, Ellis et al.

It includes 14 principles which are grouped into four domains: cognitive and metacognitive factors, motivational and affective factors, developmental and social factors, and individual differences factors. Principle 11 relates closely with student interaction issues under the developmental and social factors. It states that learning is influenced by social interactions, interpersonal relations, and communication with others. As one of the principles have been repeatedly verified over the years McCombs Plano class online dating Vakili,it confirms the idea that learning is enhanced by having positive relationships with other learners and permitting them to learn from each other in police dating Hampshire trusting environment McCombs, Following the same principle, multiple researchers push for the idea of building an online learning community within distance education courses.

In this community, the knowledge is co-constructed among the community of learners and not "delivered" from a single instructional source Burbules and Callister, Besides active communication, interaction, online presence, and moderated discussions, the formation of an online community is one of the key elements for high-quality online education.

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Fostering interactivity in an online community is the main indicator of success in online courses Bender, ; Salmon, Swan points out that learners' interactions among classmates is one of the five areas of interactivity. Therefore, promoting student interactions in distance education courses is important for setting up an online learning community. Although the value of interactions has been recognized by researchers, the student interaction issue in distance education has not been well studied.

Some researchers point out that the current inadequate understanding of the effectiveness of distance education is due to the lack of theoretical frameworks. That can be especially problematic for phenomenological studies because phenomenology falls in the "before" area of theoretical framing Creswell,P. Therefore, a theoretical framework is needed before the data collection and analysis process. For this paper, a potential theory - Cognitive apprenticeship theory was selected. The detailed discussion of this theory is as follows: Based Binghamton dating around the constructivist teaching pattern, cognitive apprenticeship theory emphasizes external support provided by the educators in the learning process.

Heuristic content, situated learning, modeling, coaching, articulation, reflection, exploration, and order in increasing complexity are the primary characteristics of a cognitive apprenticeships model Wilson and Cole, It suggests creating Fort Lauderdale man dating white woman student-centered learning environment in which learners think and reflect on their thoughts in a t intellectual effort in accordance with collaboration.

Essentially, cognitive apprenticeship theory aims to foster a culture in which learners intuitively believe that they can learn better if they share knowledge among themselves and interact with each other.

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Discussions in this learning process will facilitate individual cognitive growth so that learners asian speed dating Mexico area come to their own conclusions based on collaboration through interpersonal communication. From an instructional perspective, information is spread among the learners by means of observation and guided practice. Cognitive apprenticeship theory is applied broadly in the area of distance learning in terms of media and learning interaction.

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In general, the collaborative learning culture promoted by the cognitive apprenticeship theory can be applied into all the situations of the teaching and learning processes. However, because of its unique application for the distance education field and the urgent needs of such theories in the field, the cognitive apprenticeship theory is very helpful in speed dating samedi Newport News distance learning courses.

In this paper, the student interaction experience will be assessed by investigating if the students have had positive interactions meet an North Dakota girl other students and if they have developed a collegial and supportive relationship between each other.

During the courses, whether the students have been encouraged to interact with other students and what are the factors affecting student interaction in a distance education course is also date in Olean NY. This study employed phenomenological methodology for a couple of reasons: first, the research question is concerned with the experience of the participants, and phenomenology is concerned with "the meaning of the lived experiences for several individuals about a concept or the phenomenon" and "exploring the structures of consciousness in human experiences" Creswell,P.

Therefore, this methodology works to help find out whether interactions exist among students in distance education. Second, besides finding out the meaning of the experience, phenomenology also concerns the inward consciousness of the participants. Since interaction is an issue full of personal feelings, it is important to investigate the underlying consciousness beneath their experience. Thus we can grasp a whole picture of the phenomenon.

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