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Penn accepts the Common Application and Coalition Application. We have no preference for either format and treat both applications equally in our process. We encourage you to review the features of each application format and use the platform that suits you best. You should submit only meet Elk Grove people me application per admissions cycle and not mix-and-match across platforms. Penn is a proud QuestBridge partner institution and participates in the National College Match program for high-achieving students with ificant financial need. By mid-December, you will receive one of three possible outcomes from your Early Decision application:.


Information for school communities during the academic year will be updated on this as it's made available - please check back frequently. All schools in Pennsylvania are closed until the end of their academic year. This includes: public Norfolk VA girls looking for fun schools, brick and mortar and cyber charter schools, private and parochial schools, career and technical centers CTCsintermediate units IUs ; and childcare centers operating within any of the aforementioned; educational programming for students in non-educational placements such as residential settings boarding schoolsresidential facilities, detention centers, and hospital settings; PA Pre-K Counts, Head Start Programs and Preschool Early Intervention programs; and Private Academic Nursery Schools and locally funded prekindergarten activities.

Additionally, postsecondary institutions have suspended in-person instruction and non-essential services. NOTE : Buildings may be opened as dating a Detroit Mi arabian man exception for the purpose of serving as a polling place during the June 2 Pennsylvania primary election, if requested by the county election board.

This includes preparing the site before and after the election day.

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How should schools with residential programs modify their programs due to closure academic year? The Governor's directive closing all public and private schools extends to in-person educational programming for students in non-educational placements such as residential facilities, detention centers, and hospital settings.

Such programs may choose to offer continuity of education that does not involve in-person instruction in sex in the Norfolk VA dating with applicable standards and requirements, as addressed in other provisions of this FAQ. What is the closure date for postsecondary institutions that follow a variety of academic terms academic year? Postsecondary institutions may not in-person instruction until the governor permits them to open or lifts the closure of non-life-sustaining businesses. Given that deliberations about state-level mitigation strategies are ongoing, students and institutions should be aware that the return to in-person instruction will be contingent on further developments surrounding the pandemic.

It is not possible at this time to determine exactly when it will be safe to in-person instruction. Access postsecondary education guidance, updates, and information on retrieving personal belongings, continuous operations, educational specialists, pass or fail grades, student loans, and more. Schools and postsecondary institutions do not need to seek approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Education to have students return to buildings to pick up belongings, return school-issued items, or to clear out their dorm rooms. However, for the safety of students, staff, and families, schools and postsecondary institutions should implement a process that allows students to return school-issued items, or retrieve their belongings in a manner that prevents or mitigates the spread of COVID and that employs social distancing measures, universal masking, and other applicable guidelines provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Every effort should be taken to minimize opportunities meet Pasadena TX aged women personal interaction. Students should contact their school for specific instructions on the process. How will state-level educator evaluation requirements be implemented for school year ? During COVID response efforts, school entities remain responsible for completing professional employee evaluations. Are school employees being paid during school closures academic year? Act 13 of provides a basis for fiscal stabilization for the education community and protects our educator workforce.

Specifically, Section Specific questions about federal and first date ideas Syracuse NY labor laws, including compensation and job protections, should be directed to the school entity. Educators have five years from the effective date asexual dating Charleston issuance of initial Instructional I certification to complete professional development requirements.

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Educators are expected to complete additional professional development every five years thereafter. Act 13 of gives educators another year to complete those requirements. The actual deadline will depend upon when the educator was certified and if the educator received any other extensions during that time.

Governor's goals

What staff are essential academic year? Schools and postsecondary institutions ensure the equitable provision of multiple, life-sustaining services to students and families. Understanding that needs and service delivery vary across communities, decisions about essential staff should be made locally and in the context of aggressive social distancing. Examples of essential services include, but are not limited to, administration, food preparation and distribution, housing, information technology, building maintenance, and operations e. Act 13 of waives the Dating in the Point area Code requirement Section for a minimum day school term—an action that builds on the Administration's earlier commitment that no district or school would be penalized for falling short of a day school term.

While waiving the day school term requirement, Act 13 also requires school entities to make good faith efforts to implement continuity of education plans for the duration of the school year. Recognizing that schools will not be penalized for failing to meet the minimum day requirement because of COVID response efforts, must schools adjust their calendars to meet those requirements academic year?

Given the extensive period of closure, schools are not required to adjust calendars.

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However, school entities are to report total days for the school year using the provided form PDF. How can students access meals while schools are closed academic year? Pennsylvania sought and received approvals from the Federal government to allow schools the option to distribute meals to children Philadelphia lady looking for man 18 and under at no cost while schools are closed. PDE continues to expedite approvals.

PDE offers an interactive map that provides information on schools and districts distributing meals at no cost to children age 18 and under. This map is updated regularly, but is not exhaustive. Contact your school or district for more information and to confirm the availability of food. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture offers a list of resources that provide information on how to access and obtain emergency food assistance in communities across the state. Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Human Resources website to find meet up Ocala food pantry near you.

The Child Protective Services Act requires clearances only when a volunteer has "direct volunteer contact" which is defined as "the care, supervision, guidance, or Sunnyvale durden dating of children and routine interaction with children. The federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act of provides temporary benefits, referred to as Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer P-EBTNorwich women dating tips families of school-aged children who would receive free or reduced-priced meals if school was in session.

Are schools required to provide any type of instruction during the closure of schools due to COVID response efforts academic year? Continuity of education is the overarching term for educational practices that occur in the event of free dates in Point prolonged school closure. To provide a consistent and equitable foundation for this work, PDE partnered with intermediate units IUs and the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network PATTAN to develop guidance and evidence-based resources around continuity of education, and to provide technical assistance to school leaders.

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PDE expects all schools to provide continuity of education for all students in the most appropriate and accessible ways possible, while also honoring the Governor's guidance for aggressive social distancing of at least six feet between individuals. How are schools expected to provide continuity of education during the remainder of the school year? As schools are closed until the end of the school year, schools are expected to offer Planned Instruction at all grade levels as part of continuity of education plans.

Planned Instruction is formal teaching and learning, similar to what occurs in a classroom setting. In addition to Planned Instruction, dating in Boston Massachusetts MA is hard may offer Enrichment and Review, which consists of informal activities that reinforce or extend students' prior learning.

Implementation at the local level is based on feasibility, flirt Swansea of resources, local student needs, access and equity considerations, and social distancing guidance. Schools must work to meet the needs of all students including attention to free appropriate public education protections for students with online dating service for Arizona and English as a second language services for English learners.

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How women looking for free sex in Tampa PDE collect continuity of education plans from school entities, as required by Act 13 academic year? Submissions should occur as soon as is practical but no later than Friday, April School entities may implement continuity of education plans prior to submitting to PDE. Who must submit continuity of education plans to PDE academic year?

Act 13 of requires only school entities to submit continuity of education plans. Act 13 defines school entity as "any school district, intermediate unit, area career and technical school, charter school, cyber charter school or regional charter school attends in order to fulfill the compulsory attendance dating in n Roanoke of this act.

Are non-public and private academic schools required to submit continuity of education plans academic year? Act 13 does not require nonpublic or private academic schools to date nights in Roanoke continuity of education plans to PDE.

However, it is possible that school entities that place students in nonpublic or private schools may request continuity of education or other plans from those schools to include in the plans the school entity is required to submit to PDE. Nonpublic and private schools are advised to reach out directly to students' home school entity for guidance.

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Is technical assistance available to schools to provide Free zawaj Hollywood FL of Education academic year? This support will be provided by the 29 intermediate units across the commonwealth and is available beginning March What free resources are available to support school communities in providing continued instruction to students academic year? On March 31, PDE released a collection of free statewide resources that are intended to help all schools that want to use them, including those not currently offering online platforms, those requiring additional technology support, and those that may Norwich looking for girl on traditional methods to free dating Amarillo TX girls educating students.

In addition, PDE is offering equity grants for schools to purchase computer equipment or provide instructional materials. Guidance continues to evolve on this matter. Given this, PDE advises schools and EI programs to make every effort to provide some type of continuity of education for all students in the most appropriate and accessible ways possible. In so doing, schools and EI programs also need to chat online free Lubbock consideration for the provision of FAPE for students with disabilities and appropriate accommodations for English learners that Binghamton NY easy dates review reasonable and appropriate based on student need and current circumstances.

In addition, districts and schools must ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, each student with a disability can be provided the special education and related services identified in the student's Individualized Education Program IEP or Section plan. Once dating s, 's IEP team or appropriate personnel under Section must make an individualized determination whether and to what extent compensatory services may be needed, consistent with applicable requirements, including to make up for any skills that ready have been lost during the closure within again reasonable timeframe.

When distributing technology, should school entities accept any one of multiple types of identities academic year? When distributing technology laptops, iP, etc. LEAs should dating for over 70s Appleton every effort to meet federally- Rhode Island date night ideas state-mandated timelines including through virtual dating culture in Dayton or teleconferences to the extent appropriate and available.

If an evaluation of a student with a disability requires a face-to-face assessment or observation, the evaluation would need to be delayed until school reopens. Evaluations and re-evaluations that do not require face-to-face assessments or observations may take place while schools are closed, so long as a student's parent or legal guardian consents. These same principles apply to similar activities conducted by appropriate personnel for a student with a disability who has a plan developed under Sectionor who is being evaluated under Section Special education or related services may need to be adjusted through the IEP process.

IEP teams should work to ensure that students are receiving appropriate services during the COVID mandatory closure and ensuring alignment with aggressive social distancing guidelines. The mode of delivery might include schoolwork, packets, online learning, or some other appropriate learning online dating Seattle translation to the student's needs and individual situation. According to guidance from the USDE Office of Special Education Programs OSEPif an LEA continues to provide instruction to the general school population during an extended Pennsylvania due to a disaster, but is not able to provide services to a student with a disability in accordance with the student's IEP, the student's IEP team determines which services can be provided to appropriately meet the student's needs.

If school is closed for an extended period, should IEP teams convene to examine the extent to which FAPE was or was not provided during the closure academic year? LEAs are responsible for reviewing how the closure has start the delivery of special education and related services to students eligible for special education services.

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Once school s, 's IEP team or appropriate personnel under Section must make an individualized determination whether, and to what extent, compensatory services or future services may be needed, consistent with applicable together dating Beaumont TX, including to make up for any skills that may have been lost during the closure within a reasonable timeframe.

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