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The University considers you a transfer applicant if you enrolled in a regular session at another college or university, except while in high school or summer session immediately following high cool dates in Rapids. While the University of California gives California community college students first priority over other transfer applicants, the University also accepts those from four-year institutions.


Contact: mfloresmartinez ucmerced. Contact: bgomez-aldrete ucmerced. Contact: clopezgarcia2 ucmerced.

Contact: aramirezgonzalez ucmerced. Alondra Ramirez Gonzalez is a second-year undergraduate student from Modesto, California. Alondra wants to become flirting with Sunnyvale CA workers role model for underrepresented minority groups in higher education, specifically other Latina women, through demonstrating its importance.

She began volunteering in her hometown of Modesto, sinceand received the title of Modesto Mayor Top Teen compensated dating Medford a leader and a volunteer in her community. At UC Merced she continues as an active volunteer throughout the community and became Bobcat Leadership certified.

She has begun her journey of research at the University of California, Merced and prepares for future research in the upcoming years as she aspires to receive a PhD in the STEM field.

When Alondra is not in school, she can be found on the tennis courts, oil painting or playing her ukulele. She also enjoys spending time with her close friends and traveling both in and out of the United States. Her ultimate goal is to inspire others to pursue a higher education, which is crucial to a life of success, and hopes to give back to her home in the Central Valley by impacting lives and dating in n Roanoke a legacy in both the science and Latino communities.

Merced, CA Telephone: See our Campus Ready site for the most up to date information about instruction.

Directory Apply Give keywords. Directory Apply Give. keywords. He is majoring in Chemical Science emphasizing in Material Science expecting to graduate in Spring Miguel decided to step out of his comfort zone at the University of California, Merced. In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym and exploring new boundaries. Miguel aspires to earn a PhD in a Chemistry, ultimately to motivate and encourage more minority students to peruse their goals and dreams.

Conjugated polymers are a class of materials that exhibit excellent electrical and mechanical properties that uniquely complement traditional metals conductors. To date, a large of applications free sex Stockton CA utilize conjugated polymers have been reported, but their inclusion in complex micro scale objects is still in infancy. We have deed a system which allows for the creation of conjugated polymer containing hydrogels with good dimensional.

Specifically, we have developed a novel resin for use in stereolithography layer-by-layer 3D printing that created complex hydrogels consisting of polyacrylamido methylpropane sulfonic acid PAMPSA and poly ethylene glycol dimethacrylate PEGDA. After washing and swelling we demonstrate that the conducting polymer polyaniline PANI can be successfully grown with in the gels meeting online Salem OR distance relationships an interfacial polymerization method.

These gels display a 10 fold drop in resistance compared to gels without PANI. This type of material can potentially diminish pollution of inorganic material. This student is scheduled to graduate with a B. Once this has been accomplished, Anthony Garcia plans to attend graduate school where he will work towards obtaining a PhD in Chemistry.

He will be conducting research on photo catalysis which is the study of light as a catalyst in chemical reactions. Anthony Garcia's greatest accomplishment is making latino dating Anchorage academic comeback necessary to complete his short and long term goals after encountering several obstacles in his personal life and having a troubled high school career. Anthony hopes that after he has completed his education, he can look back and say with earnest that he truly made a difference in the community dating Kalamazoo women in the lives of others.

Catalysts are often used to speed up chemical reactions to help satisfy our large demand for manmade materials and natural resources. Unfortunately, most industrial catalysts only work at extreme reaction conditions dating as high temperatures and elevated pressures. To alleviate these issues, we are working on a catalyst that can be used speed ambient conditions when exposed to light.

Our catalyst, which we denote as a photocatalyst, consists of colloidal gold nanoparticles GNPs in an aqueous solution. The data collected indicates that smaller GNPs will catalyze the reaction Merced because a particle with a smaller surface area will have more light-activated electrons in the particles that can advance the reaction.

This result enabled us to expand the scope of our study into organic reactions; which lead to the successful catalyzed conversion of styrene into ethylbenzene and 4-nitrophenol into 4- aminophenol. Our study demonstrates the effectiveness of GNPs as a photocatalyst under mild reaction conditions. Continuing efforts will be made to optimize the conditions of our photocatalyst for future up to date in Kalamazoo and applications.

She believes that she could contribute to the world of academia, but also her community by staying involved. As a form of self-care, she likes poly take walks are Mississippi and ally dating in real life enjoy a movie with her loved ones.

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Date ideas near Indianapolis Indiana IN her childhood, Barbara has wanted to work for her doctorate degree and has now set her goal on getting her PhD in Applied Mathematics. She wants to be able to help her community and demonstrate that with effort our goals are obtainable.

Marine snow or marine aggregates are large collections of microorganisms. Those microorganisms can begin at the ocean's surface and some eventually land on the ocean floor, forming aggregates along the way. Marine snow helps bring carbon down to the ocean floor, therefore, providing an essential contribution to the carbon cycle. Understanding how marine aggregates form could help us get valuable insight about the oceanic carbon cycle.

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This project focuses particularly understanding how microorganisms aggregate. To do so, the mathematical model we consider are random walkers. Random walkers are mathematical objects that take steps randomly based on predetermined rules. We developed a Matlab code to simulate the microorganisms as find love partner Brownsville walkers with various sets of rules, and observe the resulting aggregates. Through numerical simulations we Hemet local swingers be able characterize the speed of aggregate formation, and the shape of the aggregates.

We will provide statistical descriptions of the aggregates as a function of their size and as a function of the various conditions in our code. Expected to graduate in spring of with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Christian has already begun to make his mark at the University of California Merced by conducting research and being an active member of ingenieros unidos Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

Christian was also the electrical team lead for a rover project for ingenieros unidos, that lasted all of spring semester. Christian plans to pursue higher education, but as to what area of mechanical speed dating in mobile Hampshire is still to be determined. Fully formulated oils are used to prevent metal to metal contact in machinery.

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These oils contain a variety of additives such as foam inhibitors, viscosity index improvers, and detergent agents. Foam inhibitor additives reduce the foam build in oils. The lower the foam build up, the more separation there is between the lubricating pieces. This comes at the cost of perceived cleanliness, because foam meet a native Naperville droplets are detected by optical particle counters that detect particulates; which have the potential to cause wear.

In this research the goal is to measure particle count data, and use that data create a best speed dating Macon that can predict the particulate counts at varying temperatures. Also, to extrapolate this data to predict particle counts at other temperatures and on other instruments. Two separate particle counters were used to test 8 oil samples. showed that oils starting at higher particle counts tend to decrease as temperature increases. Oils starting at low particle counts increase in particle counts as temperature increases.

At intermediate particle counts, the measurement did not vary with temperature. This data can potentially be used to create a standard to compare the effectiveness of man looking for woman Bellevue inhibitors measured at different temperatures.

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As a knowledge hungry individual he seeks to one day earn his PhD in math. He may have been sluggish as a freshman but he quickly picked up the pace his Wilmington girl dating service year. After being reluctant to become involved in any sort of activity, he now forms part of the PALS team as a math tutor.

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Not having been satisfied with landing a great job with PALS he applied for another as a "Reader" for Math and spent his nights feeling at the top of the world Anchorage on date grading reports. Again, this being seemingly insufficient work for the 3. Population genetics considers differences in the gene sequences of present-day individuals.

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Common forces impacting genetic variation are drift, mutation and selection. Selection favors beneficial sequences, meet beautiful Wayne MI women thus decreases variation. Similarly, drift decreases genetic variation by promoting fixation of neutral genes. In contrast, mutation introduces changes to gene sequences and thus is the dominant force that increases genetic variation.

However, less work has been done to understand the variance and accuracy of these estimators. Our Multiple-Sites Model simulates the evolution Waco ladies dating online a gene of finite length in a population of N individuals under drift and mutation.

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Pineda is an active member of the professional engineering fraternity, Theta Tau, where she is the Community Service Chairman. In her free time, she hangs out with friends and volunteers with foster youth.